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Preparing Students To Enter The Workforce

Our first priority is our students. It is our ultimate goal to see each of them succeed and secure gainful employment in the NDT industry, upon completing their training with us.

That is why we offer the most competitive tuition rates with a student-focused training method that leads directly to the numerous opportunities that exist within the world of Non Destructive Testing. 

Through the convenience of our open enrollment course schedule and online platform, coupled with intensive hands-on training, built upon a sincere passion for our students' and partners' success; NDE Institute is the right place to position you for greatness! 


It all started with a conversation...

It all started with a heart to heart conversation with a young man who was a family friend; he told Mr. Mitchell how he was frustrated with the work he was doing — frustrated that the low wages he was receiving were not enough for him to take care of his growing family.

Mr. Mitchell agreed to take the young man with him on a few jobs and spend some time during his off hours teaching the young man everything he knew. 

Before he knew it, Mr. Mitchell was training about half a dozen young men to perform construction, welding and bolting inspections.


After about six months with him, the young men were able to get entry level positions as special inspectors with some of the industry’s most respected employers — some of them making $25 an hour.

You can be one of these students. All it takes is training, transformation, and making hard work a tradition.

A Man Welding
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