Hybrid Learning

Our students benefit from remote learning as well as in-person instruction.


Through the convenience of our open enrollment course schedule and online platform, coupled with intensive hands-on training, along with a sincere passion for our students' and partners' success; NDE Institute is the right place to position you for greatness! 

Live Online Classes

Students log into their virtual classroom from wherever they may be. Sessions are fully live so everyone is present and the instructor is teaching at the same time. This allows students to ask questions and chat with other students real time.

Classroom Option

Along with the virtual classroom, students also have access to class sessions at the NDE Institute location.

Hands-On Instruction

Hands-on sessions are required for all students before completion of any course. They prove to be abundantly beneficial to any student's learning process. Students will attend pre-scheduled hands-on class sessions at one of our 5 local facilities in

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