Jawaad was first introduced to the NDT world at age 15 through Jarrus. He went away from NDT and worked dead end jobs until he got a job working in the surveying field. He decided that he needed to go back to school and found NDE Institute. He attended NDE and after 7 months, became fully qualified. Jawaad is now working at SCC in the nondestructive testing field and couldn't be happier!


Current Job: SCC IT Phased Array Technician  


"I found that the training was a direct reflection of what I would be doing in the field. Everything I learned in the classroom was immediately all of the jobs I've had. I have cleared 90% of my debt and I am close to being able to build my own house. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without stumbling onto this opportunity."


First Job: AJAX Rolled Ring and Machine -York

"Mr. Mitchell is a great teacher. He's a good person to know to get into the industry. With the help of [NDE Institute], I was able to get a leg up in the hiring process. I have learned so much and there is so much opportunity to move up in the industry."


First Job: West Penn-Richburg

"My overall NDE experience has been great. I appreciate [NDE Institute] for taking a chance with me and helping me with my financial situation. I never thought I would land a job before I even finished, but it's really a blessing to now have a job with Mistras. I want to thank [all NDE faculty and staff] for this opportunity to learn and become an inspector."


First Job: Mistras - Columbia

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