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7 Keys to Being Successful in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Industry (Series)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

In todays’ workforce and job market in can be difficult to obtain a sense of professional success. Just the idea of being successful on your job can be a very arduous task. The workplace can be very competitive and full of pressure to satisfy management and other team members etc. In the NDT industry where inspectors are empowered to help maintain

code requirements by accepting and rejecting work, it is very difficult to have a sense of “professional success”. However, if a part fails, or if production slows due to poor quality work, we inspectors often get that blame.

So I decided to write this series of blogs to give a few actionable items that can help with this feeling of “professional contentment” in the NDT industry. If these items are acted on it will not only give you sense of professional contentment but it will also increase your value as an inspector and help the image of the company you work for. They are:

· Keeping your Integrity intact

· Improve the communication gap

· Read while you work

· Look for lessons learned

· Engage design engineers “ask how and why”(in the field)

· Use codes and procedures rather than feelings and emotions

Each item will be a blog that will be expounded on to help encourage best practices and give real world scenarios of how this has helped me and to become a better inspector.

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